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Registration for the 2023-2024 Hockey Season

By usahockeyclubofmichigan | Jul 28, 2023 |

The USA Hockey Club of Michigan requires an annual registration for all club members. This registration allows the Club to collect an annual membership fee and to collect each players USA Hockey registration number which is needed to Roster our Eagles and Patriots teams.  To register for the 2015 DSC Revolution team, NO USA Hockey…

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2023-2024 16U USA Eagles & 16U USA Patriots Players Needed

By usahockeyclubofmichigan | Jun 7, 2023 |

Please review the team pages for detailed information on the needs of each of these teams:  16U USA Eagles, 16U USA Patriots Also, the 16U USA Patriots will be holding additional tryouts in July, 2023.  See their team page for the details, and don’t forget to use the registration link on the team page to…

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A Beginners Guide to Playing Ice Hockey

By usahockeyclubofmichigan | Mar 14, 2023 | This Beginners Guide comes highly recommended by AVERY, a fan of USA Hockey Club of Michigan.  Thank you very much Avery for recommending this to our members! You and your friends are ALWAYS welcome to attend games and practices, if you are able.  Our SCHEDULE tab on the HOME page lists upcoming games, while…

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