USA Patriots 9U A

2024-2025 LCAHL 9U A - My Hockey Rankings



Team Owner/Manager:

Dmitry Turbovsky - 248-422-2328

This team is now forming for the fall season.  Please contact Dmitry for information regarding team plans, postion availability and ice times. The core of this team is moving from last season's 8U Future Stars program to become a 2015 birth year travel team for the 2024-2025 season within the USA Hockey Club of Michigan. Tryouts, if needed, are planned to be held in the June/July timeframe.

Head Coach:


Contact Info:




National Team Development Program Academy (NTDPA):  Vadim served as a coach for an extensive period of 7 years, focusing on developing young talents and preparing them for higher levels of competition. This role involved strategic game planning, player development, and coordinating with other coaching staff to ensure the highest level of performance from the athletes.

Russian National Team: Strength and Conditioning Coach for 9 years, where he was responsible for enhancing athletes' physical performance, injury prevention, and ensuring peak fitness levels for international competitions.

Belle Tire 02, 05: Led the coaching efforts for two distinguished periods, each lasting 4 years. Focused on advancing team dynamics, individual player skill enhancement, and competitive performance.

Victory Honda 16U Selects: Head Coach for 1 year, where he directed a team of highly skilled athletes, implementing advanced training programs and competitive strategies to excel in tournaments.

Big B 2010: Coach for 2 years, overseeing team preparation, game strategies, and player development, leading to significant competitive achievements.

NAHL Amarillo Wranglers: Scout for 3 years, where he was tasked with identifying and evaluating potential talent for the team, contributing to the strategic assembly of a competitive roster. -

Detroit Hockey Academy: Served as both Coach and Strength Coach for 7 years, combining on-ice strategy with off-ice conditioning to maximize player performance and team success. -

Eastern Michigan University (ACHA): Assistant Coach, where he applied his extensive coaching experience and strategic insights to college-level hockey, contributing to the team's development and competitive edge.


Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Kinesiology from Michigan.

Master’s Degree in Dietary Sciences from Western Michigan University

Coaching Philosophy:

My coaching philosophy centers around developing players not just on the ice but also off it. I believe in creating a well-rounded athlete, focusing on technical skills, physical fitness, and mental toughness. My extensive background in strength conditioning and dietary sciences allows me to provide a comprehensive development program tailored to each athlete's needs.

Personal Approach:

"I am committed to fostering an environment of respect, hard work, and dedication. My approach is to encourage continuous improvement through personalized feedback, setting clear goals, and providing the necessary tools and support for each athlete to achieve their best".


My vision as a head coach is to cultivate a culture of excellence, resilience, and teamwork. I aim to build winning teams that are not only successful in competitions but also exhibit sportsmanship, integrity, and a love for the game.