16U USA Patriots B

2023-2024 16U Adray Metro Prep League - My Hockey Rankings

USA Hockey Club of Michigan Patriots

Our Coaches & Manager

Head Coach: John Gorney hawksfan30@comcast.net

Asst Coach: Dave Sanders  dsande77@yahoo.com

Asst Coach:  Chris Carpinelli  chriscarp533@yahoo.com

Asst Coach:  Brad Palmer

Goalie Coach:  Clayton Brown iconicgoaltending@gmail.com

Manager:  Tracy Bellanca USAJVPrep@gmail.com

Fall 2023-2024 Tryouts Are Here!

We are excited to welcome new players for the Fall team.

Mark your Calendar:

Thursday, May 25, 2023 7:00 pm &

Monday, June 5, 2023 7:30 pm



What are we looking for:

The USA Patriots are looking for dedicated players/families who are planning their development with the objective of playing varsity hockey in high school.

What we are about:

We plan to be a full season prep team in the fall, playing in the Adray Metro Prep League.

We will only have ONE roster for the fall season.

The team will continue to work on incremental and continual improvements to skating, playmaking skills, stick handling, and strength training.

A hard working and positive attitude is a must for this team.

Our schedule will be the following:

  • Twice weekly team (only) practice skates
  • Once weekly (shared) skills ice session with the 16U USA Eagles
  • Once weekly off ice strength / conditioning
Please pre-register using the above form.
Cost for tryouts is $20 per skater.
All Positions are open, plus out of district spots are available.
Coaches Dave Sanders, John Gorney, Chris Carpinelli & Brad Palmer look forward to seeing your player.
Contact Tracy Bellanca USAJVPrep@gmail.com with any questions.