USA Hockey Club of Michigan is looking for new Coaches / Franchisees for the 2024-2025 Season

All age groups/levels of hockey are of interest to the Club.  Youth Tier 2, House, and Girls teams are welcome!

Interested Coaches should answer the questions on the following form, and then the Club will follow up based upon the submitted information:

Information Form – Please click on this!

As a franchise holder/coach, it is understood that:

  • The USA Hockey Club of Michigan’s (The Clubs) Board of Directors, prior to inclusion and/or addition to the franchises’ staff, must approve all coaches/managers. Should a change (addition or deletion) be required to the coaching staff, the President must be notified in writing. Any changes are subject to the Boards approval.
  • All coaches must have the appropriate coaching level certification as required by MAHA and USA Hockey for the applicable age/division level being coached.
  • A team checking account is to be opened in the team name. Monthly financial statements are to be provided to the parents of the team and a copy is to be forwarded to the Board of Directors. All records are to be available to the parents.
  • Prompt payment is made for all ice bills, registration fees, and other team financial commitments.  As franchise holder, you are liable for the payment of all contracted ice fees for the entire hockey season.
  • Each franchise holder, or a designated representative from the coaching staff, is required to attend all Board meetings.
  • All members of the coaching staff are to complete the applicable MAHA Code of Conduct agreement.
  • All parents are to complete the applicable MAHA Parent Code of Conduct Agreement and the applicable USA Hockey rostering/registration process.
  • All participants are to complete the applicable MAHA Player Code of Conduct Agreement.
  • I agree, along with my team; to support and participate in all of The Clubs activities, abide by all the rules and by-laws of The Club, and will follow the direction and policies of the Board of Directors. I will abide by all Michigan Amateur Hockey Association and USA Hockey rules. I understand that any falsification of information or failure to adhere to the above outlined conditions could be cause for immediate suspension or dismissal.


Kaul Lefief,

President – USA Hockey Club of Michigan

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