Registration for the 2023-2024 Hockey Season

The USA Hockey Club of Michigan requires an annual registration for all club members.

This registration allows the Club to collect an annual membership fee and to collect each players USA Hockey registration number which is needed to Roster our Eagles and Patriots teams.  To register for the 2015 DSC Revolution team, NO USA Hockey registration number is required, as this team is rostered under AAU jurisdiction.

We also require Future Stars players to register free of charge, so that we can roster the Future Stars teams, as well.

Continue with the following links if you already have a 2023-2024 USA Hockey Registration number for your player, otherwise use this link to USA Hockey get a new one before you renew your Club membership.

Click here to register as a USA Hockey Club of Michigan player

Click here to register as a Future Stars player.

Also, All USA Hockey Club of Michigan members receive a Club Hoodie this year, so please provide your Hoodie size during the registration process.  The hoodies will be ordered by the Club, and then distributed by each Team Manager.

Sincerely, Kaul Lefief

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